E3 Digital Controller

The E3 is a state-of-the-art electronic unit
designed for maximizing the measurement
capabilities of Micro-Radian autocollimator
optical heads. E3 Digital Controller

The controller utilizes a 5.5 inch touch-screen LCD that displays angle readings, signal strength, noise, and optical head temperature. Readings are available in units of arc-seconds or micro-radians. The E3 also offers a selectable zero offset.

The display has an 'Out of Range' and 'Low Signal' indication to inform the operator if measurements have exceeded the calibrated range, or the return signal level is too low to generate a valid reading.

In addition to the LCD readouts, measurements are available through an
RS-232 serial interface and analog outputs, both with adjustable output averaging. The controller was designed to minimize processing delay for servo applications.

The E3 has a switching power supply to accommodate input voltages from 100V to 240V.