Company Overview

Since 1971, Micro-Radian Instruments has met the exacting standards of military, aerospace, metrology, and industry for precision angle measurement solutions. From the first MRA-150 analog autocollimator to our new PC-based digital autocollimators, we have always engaged the latest, most advanced technology available. This continuous improvement and ability to change has made us the premier source for specialized, application-specific autocollimators.  Our standard products include instruments suitable for applications that range from the battlefield to the calibration standards laboratory, and all of our products can be customized to meet your specific requirements.Micro-Radian Building

Our specialized facility in Washington was designed and constructed for the manufacture and testing of angle measurement instruments. Our manufacturing, laboratory and testing equipment have been selected for their quality and accuracy. Combine these with our experienced technical staff and you have a company with the knowledge and flexibility to manufacture the best autocollimators available.

When you deal with a company as experienced and specialized as Micro-Radian you can be confident that the quality of our instruments will always measure up to your standards... because they first had to measure up to ours.