Special Applications

Micro-Radian is a fully integrated manufacturer and maintains in-house design & development, machining, engineering, calibration, and production departments. This provides the flexibility and expertise to provide solutions for your specialized requirements in an efficient and cost-effective way. Some common special applications are as follows:

Custom Reflective Target

The ideal target is a >98% reflective mirror, flat to 1/10 of a wave or better and at least 1.5x the autocollimator beam diameter. If a non-ideal target is to be used, Micro-Radian can optimize the calibration by simulating the target or by using a customer supplied target. Past custom targets have included silicon wafers, bare glass windows, miniature optics and ink.

Vacuum Chamber

All Micro-Radian autocollimators are vacuum compatible. Optional modifications can be ordered to increase vacuum compatibility including the use of low outgassing epoxy, teflon or kapton insulated cable, and vacuum-rated connectors and bulkhead feedthroughs.

Servo-Controlled Systems

All Micro-Radian digital autocollimators are designed with minimal processing delay of 250 micro-seconds and high measurement rates of up to 4000 readings-per-second. They are ideal for providing high speed measurement data in servo-feedback and servo-feedforward systems and are well suited for OEM airborne and stable platform applications. Available outputs include USB, RS-232 and analog.

In addition, Micro-Radian analog-only autocollimators will measure at rates up to 25kHz.

Electrical Isolation

Standard models have the circuit ground connected to the optical head body. The feet on the body can be optionally conductive to the higher assembly.

For some applications, having the circuit electrically isolated from the body is desirable and any Micro-Radian autocollimator can have the body electrically isolated from the circuit.

Conformal Coating

Any Micro-Radian autocollimator can have the circuit board and components conformal coated.