All Micro-Radian digital autocollimators are fully calibrated when they leave the factory. Periodic recalibration is recommended every two years or 2000 hours of use and Micro-Radian can perform these recalibrations for a nominal fee.

All Micro-Radian calibrations are traceable to the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Calibrations include plots of as-found and as-left data as well as a certificate of traceability.

Micro-Radian maintains the capability to recalibrate every autocollimator that we have manufactured since 1971.

Visual autocollimators do not require recalibration.


Micro-Radian can provide repair and support service for every autocollimator that we have manufactured.

Technical Support

Every Micro-Radian autocollimator includes lifetime technical support via phone and email.

Custom Requirements

Micro-Radian is a fully integrated manufacturer and maintains in-house design & development, machining, engineering, calibration, and production departments. This provides the flexibility and expertise to create solutions for your specialized requirements in an efficient and cost-effective way.